How Much Does a Lye Detector Test Cost?



A lie detector test can be expensive, but it is a useful tool for criminal investigations and pre-employment screening. It’s important to find an examiner who has completed a polygraph program and has a good reputation.

A typical two-hour session can cost $250 to $1,300. However, the prices can go up depending on the type of test you need.


A polygraph test is a reliable tool that can help detect deception. It records physiological changes in the body and can determine whether a person is lying by analyzing their responses to questions. This type of test can be used for a variety of reasons, including criminal and civil investigations, and it is able to detect even minor inconsistencies.

To ensure optimum accuracy, it is important to choose a licensed examiner. It is also recommended to hire an examiner with more than five years of experience in the field. In addition, it is advisable to choose an examiner who uses the latest computerized polygraph machine model, as older models can give inaccurate results.

Depending on the reason for your test, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $800. However, the cost can be lower if you are a repeat customer or take multiple tests. You can also find discounts for polygraph tests by taking advantage of special offers or entering into a contract with a professional testing company.

Type of test

A professional polygraph test doesn’t come cheap. A single test can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000. However, there are some ways to cut the costs of a polygraph exam. For example, companies or employers requiring polygraph testing can take advantage of discounts offered by some service providers.

Another way to save money on a polygraph test is by choosing a reputable examiner. Some professionals will even offer a discount for return customers. However, you should be aware of the limitations and risks associated with this type of test. For instance, you should not be tested if you have a neurological disorder such as essential tremor or epilepsy, or if you are on medication.For more info, do visit this website Lie Detector Test.

A good polygraph examiner will also have a peer review procedure for his or her results. This is crucial because a polygraph examiner’s report can have life-changing consequences. In addition, cowboy examiners can leak their results to the press in order to earn additional income or bribe people for a positive result.


A lie detector test is not cheap, but it can be worth the money if you want to prove that you’re innocent. The test can also help you make important decisions about employment or relationships. The price of a professional lie detector test varies depending on the location, type of test and examiner’s experience.

A professional test administered in an office is typically cheaper than one conducted at a home or other remote location. For example, Capitol Polygraph Services in Michigan charges $325-$500 for tests while Holland Polygraph Service, which has offices in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, prices its tests at $350-$600.

Before taking a polygraph test, ask the examiner about the cost and how long it will take to get results. You should also ask about the qualifications of the examiner and whether or not the results are peer reviewed. This is because the results of a lie detector test can have life changing consequences, so it’s essential to ensure that the test is accurate.

Examiner’s experience

A trained polygraph examiner will administer a lie detector test for a fee. The cost varies depending on the location and type of test. While some online services offer free lie detector tests, these are usually unreliable. You should only use a professional and reputable examiner.

The exam is typically two hours long and includes pre-test discussion, testing, post-test analysis, and a written report. During the test, the examiner will ask questions that are meant to pick up on physiological changes in your body while you’re lying. Then, the examiner will analyze these results and share them with you.

While some people may have negative feelings about lie detector tests, most find them useful and effective in detecting deception. However, it is important to remember that the results of a polygraph cannot be used as evidence in court. Also, it is important to avoid “cowboy” examiners who are not licensed or regulated by the APA.